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What’s my offer?

I took a webinar last night in which the speaker talked about the importance of the offer when you have a business, especially in a business that offers a service. How I understood it has to do with what you promise your clients when they sign up with you. Before I started seriously studying nutrition. I was very frustrated with the medical care I was receiving. So I started thinking, what is my offer as a nutrition professional? From where I stand, I offer reliable care.

What bothered me the most was the healthcare system’s lack of interest and time. I was just a number. The lack of answers also frustrated me. It’s a long story, but I was very unhealthy, and my symptoms were not specific. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. There was no official diagnosis. It was a frustrating journey. The closest I got to an answer was seeing a doctor in Miami who recommended that I drink Gatorade. Drinking Gatorade helped some, but in reality, I was still sinking. And people were telling me Gatorade was very unhealthy. I thought that if the doctor recommended it, it was ok.

Most nights, I didn’t sleep well, had migraines, had no energy, and the list continued. Mostly I was frustrated all the time because I didn’t feel well. The problem is that being frustrated sometimes translates to other people as depression. And once you are attached to a label, it goes into your head and becomes a thing. I had no tools to cope with stress, and life seemed so much bigger than me all the time. The feeling was overwhelming.

Finally, after suffering for many years, I hit rock bottom, and a co-worker recommended a book that resonated with me. I changed my diet according to the book, and the improvements were immediate. I had more strength, I could rest and have restorative sleep, I was digesting food better, I was calmer and happier, and my skin was glowing. I had surgery, and my recovery was fast and almost painless without pain pills. So, I have been on the side that no one cares. The side that is lonely and no one can comfort you. They don’t know the issue or have the time to investigate and hold your hand. My offer is: to be your pillar during the changes and the transition. To be a reliable source of comfort and information. Guidance. Transformation!

When I graduated from school, my mission was to affect my community positively. To work diligently toward preventing other people from experiencing what I had experienced. So if you are a woman who struggles with fatigue, hair loss, menstrual issues, and digestive issues, there is hope, and nutrition can play a pivotal role in creating a better, healthier you. So that’s my offer. To guide my clients toward a healthier, vibrant person. Medical nutrition therapy is that powerful. If my writing resonates with you, please schedule a 15-minute call to discuss your issues. I am here for you and would be happy to help you transform your life. So, I guess, ultimately, that is my offer: a feasible, tangible, personalized health transformation for you.

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