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Are you confused? Are carbohydrates bad?

Are carbohydrates bad? Is protein bad? Are raw foods better than cooked foods? Can I only eat fruit? What should I eat? Should I eat at night or early in the morning? How much water should I drink? Is butter bad or good? There’s so much confusion about eating and eating healthy, and the mass media does nothing to improve the situation. I am old enough to have known so many different diet types and the good and bad foods of the times. If you are confused, you are not alone.

The problem with such confusion is that we do whatever we feel like, and a few issues arise. Nutrition is a new art/science, and it is not well regulated, so many people think they are experts. A lot of fad diets keep popping in the market and being recycled.

I also wonder about what is being said versus what is being heard. Take, for example, the ketogenic diet. Many people out there are following it and losing weight for a while. But is the ketogenic diet a good way to lose weight? Are people following it the way it is supposed to be followed?

There are many ways to lose weight, but it doesn’t mean that all of them will lead to long-term health. It also doesn’t mean that specific diets are not harmful and can’t compromise your health.

A clinical nutritionist is a professional who can guide a client toward better choices, specifically for each personal circumstance. What should I eat if I have thyroid disease, for example? Are the supplements I am taking adequate? Are botanicals fine to take at all times? Can I combine allopathic medicine with supplements and botanicals?

People are different, and their healing path is also different. So don’t be confused by what you hear and see in advertisement campaigns. Do your due diligence and find a professional to help you.

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